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Syria: A Dairy of Humanity

Welcome to our online booking website which has + 100 hotels  in Syria! Click on the city/destination listed here to find a hotel in it: Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra, Krak des Chevaliers & Homs, Bosra, Hama, Lattakia, Tartous, Dier Ezzor, and Idleb

Syria is a unique and fascinating place to explore. For the history lover, Syria is a must visit , for its archaeological wonders, its chapels and mosques, its ruins and monuments and its astoundingly rich history and ancient civilisations. It is quite unlike a typical desert country, and you will also find the Mediterranean Sea, greenery, and mountains, all made even more beautiful by the quiet, dignified, hospitable people who call this country their home. From the humble folk living in the picturesque villages to the friendly café, restaurant and Syria hotel owners and their patrons in the bustling cities, everyone will try and make you feel at home if you're a traveller in Syria.

The fact it's still relatively unknown makes Syria one of the best tourist destinations in the Middle East, as the beauty of the land is still waiting to be discovered.

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There is so much to see and do in this world. In fact, you will be able to take away a piece of history of most of the world's civilisations with you while visiting Syria. Some of the world's finest architecture can be seen here, notably the Crusader Castle (Crac des Chevaliers) and the still well preserved Roman theatre in Bosra, whilst Damascus and Aleppo vie with each other to be the world's oldest and perennially occupied city. Taking a tour in Syria to see these wonderful sights and cities is a highlight of a trip to Syria.

You will never have trouble finding a place to stay whilst in Syria. The Syria hotels and guesthouses offer great value for money and are run by friendly and hospitable locals who will make you feel at home. You can also use our ineractive Syria map to find a hotel in Syria based on its location.

Syria has been called 'the cradle of civilisations', because through out time, almost every civilisation from the east to the west has passed through Syria and left an indelible mark while taking with them a piece of rich Syrian history. One of the world's earliest civilisations in the world began in this very land over 10,000 years ago in the regions of Jeyround, Yabroud and Mereibet. In fact, it was in Syria that the first alphabets were written, which were later revolutionised by the Greeks and the Romans.

Finding itself at a point where three continents meet, Syria has housed innumerable civilisations through the ages, which is why taking a Syria tour is such an exciting prospect. It has its pride of place in between the Indian Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Nile River. The silk routes from China to Salhiyeh and from Palmyra and Homs to Syria's Mediterranean ports were controlled by Syria for thousands of years. Visit the Mediterranean coast line and you will hear about the adventures of merchants and seafarers who braved storm after storm on the seas while carrying silk to and fro.

If you want to experience a step back in time, walk the streets of Aleppo and Damascus where the silk weavers are busy at work. You will find them bent over wooden looms that their ancestors in Ebla used 4000 years ago. It's a very humbling experience to see looms that are thousands of years old churning out yard after yard of some of the world's finest silk even today. To this day, silk is one of Syria's important exports, known for its quality and exquisite workmanship all over the world.

The old city of Damascus should figure first in your 'must-see Syria' itinerary. It is also Syria's most visited city and you will find some charming traditional Syria hotels here. The city is divided into the commercial areas of the old city, where you will find ever humming bazaar streets and the famous Umayya mosque. And away from the commercial areas, you will find peaceful labyrinthine streets where you can take long walks by yourself or a Syria tour, to quietly explore the little pleasures and the culinary delights the city has to offer. The city is quite the modern melting pot with Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Bazaar areas, but the borders melt away owing to the wonderfully warm people living and working here.

To give you some examples of Syria's famous structures, try this one for size - the Qalaat Samaan on which St. Simeon sat for 36 straight years, preaching to thousands of pilgrims. The 15 metre tall pillar-like structure is not to be missed. Along the Turkish border near Hatay, you will find the vestiges of the 'Dead Cities' of Qalbe Lbrse, Qirbirze, Serjilla and Al Bara which can be visited on a Syria tour.

And then there's Palmyra, the bride of the desert - here is where ancient caravans from Mesopotamia, Persia, India and the Mediterranean converged and exchanged trading stories and their wares. During the reign of Zenobia, the desert queen, this was a bustling cosmopolitan city. The colossal Temple of Baal rose up in the heart of this city. Even though the city is now mostly in ruins, its magnificence hasn't dimmed by even a fraction. Be sure to ask about the Valley of Tombs when in Palmyra.

With great value and friendly hotels in Syria, as well as some fascinating tours in Syria, and such a rich history and culture, Syria is a wonderful place to visit. So if you want to experience a home away from home, Syria is the place to go. If you want to take home some exquisite silk for the women back home, Syria is your best bet. If you want to get a deeper understanding of the peaceful Islamic culture, Syria is your destination. And oh, don't miss trying the delicious falafel!